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Most of our products was developed In-House. We have a source code
and we can customise our products to fully suit our clients needs.

Six Telekurs


Telekurs ID is designed for securities processing agents, investment advisors, wealth managers, risk managers and asset managers alike.
To best meet your particular needs, we offer three packages suited to the different functions within financial institutions:

Wealth Management Package

The Wealth Management Package is designed to meet the needs of financial advisors. The emphasis is on information that provides optimal support for your investment decisions.
News: a local, internationally-oriented news service, selected according to your location.
Corporate key figures & information: analysis and data by TheScreener, Zacks, RepRisk RPI, FactSet Estimates (4-year forecast) and Fundamentals (2 years), Infinancials GPRV, Valordata Select
SIX iD Mobile: iPhone application (download from App Store with keywords "SIX iD Mobile") and HTML for browser-based mobiles (URL:*

Reference Package

The Reference Package suits the needs of users in the securities management sector. This package includes complete reference data and has a particularly user-friendly and powerful search function for securities.
Complete reference data: access to all fundamental reference and corporate events data in our world leading database.
Extended search for reference data: targeted or extended search for securities, prospectus data, information about prices and previous or pre-announced events.
Evaluated Prices: valuation of assets according to various criteria.
Termsheets: access to all original termsheets with precise information about special features of a new financial instrument.
Time series up to 180 days: for comprehensive price information.

Asset Management Package

The Asset Management Package delivers all the data and functions included in the other two packages. In addition to that you get access to an extended news service plus extended corporate key figures. This package is perfect for those who need to be fully prepared for their investment decisions.
Extended News Service: an international English language news service, in addition to the local, internationally-oriented news service.
Infinancials Investor: screen for the best public limited companies using a wide range of key figures and get detailed pre-processed information on fundamental data and estimates.
FactSet Estimates and Fundamentals: 5-year history and 4-year forecast for Estimates; 5-year forecast for Fundamentals.
Forex and Money Market Contributors: access the news from various providers in real time (including Tullett Prebon and ICAP).
RepRisk®: continuously updated news and key data on the reputational risks facing thousands of companies, projects, NGOs and governmental bodies. The database covers all major business languages.


The QuoteStation Last Sale Intraday Trade History Report shows real time, intraday trade reporting information for all of your favorite stocks - It provides investors with the securities' real-time Last Sale, Trade Time and Volume - Time & Sales provide a detailed view of trading activity and is of particular interest to day traders and those interested in intraday activity for individual securities

Server Side and Databases

Completely finished bug free server traffic with database cannections - All databases, tables, jobs... Source code available


Online Trading

Worldwide, Regional stock exchanges, FX and CFDs trading ready - Backed with real-time portfolio settlement including all transaction type, portfolio value, trading margins - P/L for every security and total balance - Independent broker platform - Support multi-broker connection and order routing...

Market watch

The Market Watch offers an effective way to keep up with the latest price quotes and trends across multiple instruments - Real-time data from multiple sources and data vendors - Group data by different securities type - Shows the Opening, High, Low and Closing prices of trading sessions OHLC - Shows daily % gain - Place order directly from Market Watch...

Professional Chart

Chart with real-time feed from multiple sources and data vendors
Historical data Including over 50 Technical Indicators
Place order directly from chart for quick and easy access to the trading pool.
With QuoteStation, you can take your pick from the free tools In QuoteStation Online's charting area, it is possible to display each security in 4 different types of chart and over 50 Technical Indicators
A wide range of drafting tools are available for plotting trends, resistance and support: whether it's lines, trend channels, Andrew's Pitchforks or Fibonacci Techniques, your formation analysis will become much simpler.

Level II data

Market Depth is what people are willing to pay and willing to sell something for - It shows the total number of shares that the buyers or sellers have in their orders - The bid side is in descending order, with the highest bids on the top and he ask side shows is arranged in an ascending order with the lowest ask on the top



eForex 360T is an online trading platform for a wide range of financial products and allows requests from connected bank to be routed to either an integrated pricing server, which automatically quotes a price, or to a dealer, who deals with the request manually.
Institutionals, corporate treasuries, public sector and market taker banks trade FX Spot, Forwards, NDFs and Swaps with market makers of their choice. eForex 360T provides a real-time market data screen and allows for request (RFQ) of streamed quotes with only one click to execution.
eForex 360T allows broker-dealer banks and group treasuries to offer professional electronic trading services on a proprietary branded platform to a closed user group.

Benefits of using eForex 360T

Liquidity from more than 100 leading international and regional providers
No monthly fees and no transaction fees
Functionalities to execute trades "on-behalf-of" different funds or legal entities
Best execution features for each transaction meeting compliance and regulatory requirements
Receive instant electronic trade confirmation for Straight-Through Processing (STP) into downstream position keeping and confirmation matching systems as well as into systems facilitating automated prime broker give up
Full reporting suite with a complete deal history, audit trail, record of competitive bids, cost savings and pricing analysis by product and counterparty24h support desk

Products Supported

a. Spot
b. Forwards
c. NDFs
d. Swaps

Bank2Client and Bank2Bank trading

eForex 360T is a web application for real-time currency trading between a Bank and its corporate clients. eForex 360T is a unique and comprehensive solution, completely customized to electronic business, which enables trading currencies between a bank and a client in a more efficient, faster and simpler way.
Users of the application get quick and simple overview of the quotations in real time at the currencies market, and they can close, easily and simply, a transaction of buying or selling currency, at any time.


Western Union transactions

Fast, Secure and Reliable Western Union transactions. Banks, Post and Exchange offices can offer theirs clients new fast moving money service transactions with immediate settlment and compliance services.

Hundreds of locations

POS14 is already implemented and functional in 1300 Post offices, 48 Banks' branches and 191 Exchange offices. If you ever receive money from abroad and if you feel fast, secure and reliable service, you must be experienced our technology implemented in those financial institutions.

Sending money abroad service

Our citizens can send money abroad easily if they go to any Post office locations or Exchange offices. Clients brings Dinars (RSD) and sends Euros (EUR) or any other Foreign Currencies.

Bills payment services (soon)

Pay all your bills secure, easily and fast by using our Exchange officies network troughout the country. Forget about long and frustrating cues and save your time and nerves.


Single interbank trading system

Platform that connects banks into a single electronic, transparent and regulated interbank trading system.

Spider FX trading

Spot Forward Swap Deposit transactions
Real-Time quoting and trading on the FX and Money Market.
Transparent view of supply and demand
Banks can trade predefined or specific (broken) dates

Spider Bonds

Electronic Real-Time secondary bond market
Supports all types of bonds, repo transactions and securities and cash settlement. Automatic yield calculation

Spider Cash

Spider platform enables the cash management within as well as trading with other banks
Cash management within the bank gives an insight into the situation in all branches based on what can be done to define the need for effective money
Interbank cash trading takes place between bank's branches. Upon completion of the transaction branches receive confirmation of the effective transfer of money takes place within the same city.

Back Office Administration

Automatically create Back office documentation for all transactions, interbank communication...

Our Services

Please find below what we did, what we are doing and what we can do for you and your company
We have more than decade of experience in this services and we belive that our services are second to none

System Architecture

We'll provide system structure defined in terms of elements, interfaces, processes, constraints and behaviors.

Technical Specification

We'll describe the minute detail of either all or specific parts of a design according to client requirements.

Back-end Development

70% of every FinTech product is a back-end. Solid server base is a must for building any FinTech product.

Web Services

We'll build SOAP/JSON web services which can support steady flow and distribution of quotes and financial information

System Security

We'll ensure the security of the system which is highly important when building a business that is closely related to money and transaction services.

Fix Protocol Client/Server

We'll evolve electronic communications protocol for real-time exchange of information related to the securities transactions and markets.


We'll organize collection of system data in the form of schemes, tables, queries, reports, views and other object.

Front-end development

We'll supply client-side smooth guiding the user through the workflows established by the application.

Mobile Development

We'll build up independent mobile application or based on web financial application

About Us

Behind the name EuroPoint is more than 15 years of experience and building the solid business and partner relationships
in the SEE region and all around the world.

EuroPoint Video Intro

EuroPoint Multi Capability

EuroPoint enables to its clients fast, accurate and valid data from the stock exchanges, news and trading platforms. EuroPoint is synonym for credibility, reliability, speed, accuracy, independence and impartiality. We are especially proud of our acceptable prices and thousands of our clients.

During the cooperation with the world famous companies we have gained necessary experience that helped us to become the first (and only) company in the region that developed web trading application QuoteStation. With this application and through one unique solution clients can monitor all SEE stock exchanges in the real time. With QS eTrading module that enables electronic placing orders, this application is comprehensive and required by each active participant at the stock exchange.

Platform for electronic interbank trading SPIDER, developed by our in-house company development team, is already implemented and works in the banking systems of Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Platform enables transparent, electronic, interbank trading with currencies, cash, bonds, deposits, swaps and forwards.

Due the fact that we are exclusive representative of Six Telekurs, with Telekurs ID application we are able to distribute real time data from the world exchanges, main economic and business news, charts and tools for technical analysis etc.

Our mother-company Tenfore is authorized agent of Western Union from 2001 and that gave us the immeasurably experience, to cooperate with the largest world company for the fast money transfer service, company that is founded more than 150 years ago and was one of the first 10 companies listed at the NYSE.

Our Process and how can we cooperate

We are fully dedicated in developing financial application for brokerage houses, banks, financial institutions,
retail clients and we can suggest the following process for the aim of mutual benefition













EuroPoint Team

We are not definition of beauty but we do the job.

Niko Cuca


He successfuly implemented into EuroPoint his huge managerial experience working on top managers functions in HIPTRADE Gmbh and PKB Vocarske plantaze.

Marjan Ristov

COO Macedonia

Our One and Only Customer Support colegue known as "Tatko na Spider and eForex360T Customer Support". He reacts even before some problem occure in banks.

Ivan Zivkovic

Product Designer

Complete software development life cycles from business analysis to user acceptance. Options, FX, Futures, CFDs expert and best futsal player with nickname JogaBonito

Drasko Rozgic

Senior Developer

Most experience Progrmer with following skills: actually, You Named It - He Own It. His dream is to finish his career in EuroPoint.

Mihailo Petrovic

Senior Developer

Strong OO development, matematical and analytical skills, n-tier application design, C# .net, C++, T-SQL with Grigorij Perelman as his Idol.

Ljuba Barjaktarevic

Senir Developer

EuroPoints' MVP - Young Lion and perspecttve Programer. He already has serious and huge projects behind him and he is hungry for more.

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